At the South Mandurah Uniting Church, we meet every Sunday at 9.30 am for worship service followed by morning tea in the hall.

Due to easing of Covid-19 restrictions we are now able to re-commence our services with strict guidlines and social distancing in place.

Our church services last approximately 1 hour and consist of worship, prayer, music, message and a short children’s message. At about the 20 minute mark of the service, the children are invited to participate in their own special time at kid’s church in the Fellowship Room.

During the week there are home groups operating in church member homes. Community craft groups meet each week in the Fellowship Room, as well as other community groups.

As a Church community, we actively try to support each other in various ways. Pastoral care is available and is supported by the home groups. In addition to our Sunday service, we have a monthly social program that everyone is welcome to attend.

Social events range from fundraising BBQ picnics on the estuary foreshore, soup and movie nights to Sat morning church breakfasts, plus many other events.

You may notice the Church is decorated for a special “season”. We do this at various times throughout the year.

Chair of Congregation Raelyn Punch.   Please  contact us on southmandurahuc@gmail.com if you have any queries. We would love to welcome you to our church service and congregation.

The Church Council truly believes that we, the people of South Mandurah Uniting Church, are at a blessed crossroad both in time, and in our journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

~ South Mandurah Uniting Church Leadership Team


Within our church vision and the following information lies the framework for all our strategic planning. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, may we remain ever-faithful in our service of the Living God.

During 2011 South Mandurah Uniting Church spent many months casting our church vision. It was an exciting time full of prayer and discussion both at council and congregational levels, as everyone, young and old, sought God’s will for our church.

The culmination of all this is this vision document, our roadmap for where we believe God wants our church to head.

Beneath our vision statement lie six pillars, each underpinned with a mission statement and a list of foci for what that mission looks like for our congregation. Beneath that are listed the tactics or activities that support those foci.

Whilst it must be acknowledged that our congregation cannot implement all of these actions/activities immediately and that some may be explored but not implemented, we have clearly identified many areas our congregation and Church Council wish to focus on and support in the future.

During 2016/17 this Vision was refreshed during a number of sessions with the congregation and the leadership team.


We encourage opportunities for people to connect and serve others, grow friendships and build Christ centred relationships/community.
This means:
Jesus first, yourself last and others in between
Fellowship as a core focus
Encourage participation of the church family and beyond (community)
Authentic love and care for each other
Provide a safe place
Dinners/lunches (welcome, bring and share
Men’s groups / activities
Women groups / activities
Young adult’s group / activities
Youth group / activities
Service to others (e.g. crèche/play group, young families)
Church Camps/Weekend Away (UC Busselton camp)
Fun activities (e.g. Picnics, Trips, BBQs)
Community Interest/Support Groups (e.g. Al Anon)
Friendship nurturing program


We come as individuals and as the body of Christ to connect with God through/in worship.
This means:
We acknowledge, celebrate and grow our relationship with God through;
Song and praise
Steadfast commitment to prayer
Sharing our faith
Teaching that challenges us
Spiritual Renewal
Range of music (including new songs, song diversity)
Teaching (Preaching)
Sermon Series (e.g. mission talk, open door, exploring gifts)
Guest speakers e.g. evening for theological and philosophical discussion)
“Tele” church (Video / recorded sermons)
Sharing (God moments, testimonies, stories)
Family services
Youth /young adult services (future activity)
Song Evenings
Prayer Meetings
Altar (laying on of hands, affirmation of faith)


We help people feel connected in Christ and grow in faith through small groups.
This means:
We will develop and nurture a small group culture to;
Study and teach scripture
Promote fellowship, discipleship and prayer in small groups
Establish friendships and share in experiences
Alpha church (incl. the Alpha’s, Marriage Course)
Home / small groups
Men’s fellowship (e.g. Breakfast, Men with a Mission dinners)
Women’s fellowship (e.g. Walking group)
Sunday school
Youth group/activities (board games, film night)
Young adults group (e.g. Alpha for young adults)
Craft group
Meditation group
Song Evenings
Young mothers group/play group (MOPS)
Single parents support group
English as second language


We encourage and equip each other to develop our gifts to lead and serve our church community and beyond .
This means:
We will seek to equip each other to their calling by training
Identifying, cultivating and improving our gifts
Use home groups and home group studies to identify gifts
We will support each other in our calling
Creating growth opportunities
Providing training for our leaders
Provide and encourage participation in workshops and conferences
Provide training material
Celebrate our diversity (gifts / age etc.)
Gap analysis
Training for leaders in all areas
Teach and train in outreach, especially to local community
Conduct capability assessment
An analysis of gifts and creation of opportunities for expression


Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to reach our neighbours through everyday acts of love and service .
This means we will:
Be a people of prayer
Seek to discern God’s will
Serve and support the vulnerable in our community
Identify programmes for which leadership/capabilities exist
Grow our church through service and expanding influence
Motivate our members to serve and support outreach
Make visitors feel welcome
Maximise the moments (e.g. outreach, mission, friendship)
Do needs assessment/ identify community segments
Encourage and equip individuals
Create opportunities (e.g. food parcel program, singing/music program, Christian surfers, school breakfast club)
Develop opportunities spectrum
Celebrate/share individual outreach (e.g. Rainbow lunches)
e.g. Prayer group, Op Shop, Mothers Playgroup, Men’s Group, Neighbourhood sharing, Alpha/ESL/Other programmes
Opportunistic moments (e.g. shopping centres, Adopt-a-Road)
Serving (e.g. frozen meals for the sick, new member lunches/dinners, support local charities, groceries box, pie-and-pint evening, CRE at schools, reading at schools, beach clean-up)


We help our people become more Christlike in serving others with their God given gifts.
This means we will:
Be guided by the Holy Spirit
Study the Bible
Biblical teaching that explores the relevance of God’s Word for life today
Grow our lay leadership
Identify and encourage our individual gifts
Be authentic in our commitment/faith (24/7)
Small groups/Bible study
Study lectionary
Employ minister
Sermon series (e.g. Lent studies)
Guest speakers
Regular feedback/Review process
Provide guidance
Provide advice
Provide counsel
Provide training (specifically small group leadership and worship leading)

Worship is more than the music we sing or the Sunday service we attend. Our lives are an act of worship.

It’s been wonderful seeing our church grow in number, not just because of great music, preaching or morning teas, but because people are drawn to a congregation of people living their lives in the belief that every day is an act of worship.

It’s exciting to hear about our members spending quiet time each day with God, praying together during the week, meeting in small groups, running breakfast clubs etc. these are all acts of worship!


Upcoming events and notices of the Church calendar as well as Sunday morning involvement from the roster.

There are no upcoming events at this time.